Premiere Petite is comprised of fun development classes for little dancers 18 months to 8 years of age.

At Premiere Petite we aim to encourage young children to find their love of dance in a nurturing and friendly environment.

The students of Premiere Petite have access to the best technical training in

Classical Ballet, Jazz, Stretch, Lyrical, Singing and Acrobatics.

Our friendly and experienced staff offer a safe and nurturing environment, where children are encouraged to reach their full potential whilst exploring the art of movement.


We believe that each child is special so classes are not over crowded to ensure that each child is given the attention they need to develop their skills. Classes may be divided up depending on numbers and or levels of standards within the class.

Students at Premiere Petite will study ballet under the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus and will have the option of partaking in examinations.


At Premiere Petite we believe that classical technique is essential to a dancer’s career as such all students are encouraged to partake in a Ballet Class.


Students at Premiere Petite will study under the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus and will have the option of partaking in examinations.


Premiere Petite also offers classes in the following:



Students can be involved in eisteddfod competitions as a group but usually all students will work towards a performance for our Mid Year In House Performance and End Of Year Recital.

Private lessons are available for students of Premiere Petite starting from 15mins time slot.



This program operates on a four term structure.


Term  1

Monday 1st February - Saturday 18th April (9 weeks)

Term 2

Monday 19th April - Saturday 26th June (10 weeks)

Term 3

Monday 12th July - Saturday 18th September (10 weeks)

Term 4

Monday 4th October - Saturday 18th December (11 weeks) - pending Concert date.



This class is designed to work on flexibility and strength. Useful to keep dancers body supple.



Slow modern style incorporating expression and movement.



Commercial Jazz style.



Premiere Studios follows the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus. Classes are available for examination preparation.



Open Ballet classes focusing on classical ballet technique.



Tap shoes required. Focusing on rhythm and style.



Mix of different hip hop styles.



Acrobatic class. Focusing on gymnastic elements to coincide with dance combinations.



Vocal coaching.



Focusing on turns, kicks and leaps.


Strength and fitness.


Pre-school program focusing on development in co-ordination and movement skills. Learning dance in a fun and nurturing environment.



One on one lessons for students wishing to have extra coaching or to learn a solo to perform in competitions or extra technical work.

Students must be partaking in at least one ballet class per week to be eligible to book these lessons.



By invitation only. Students will learn group routines to be performed in competitions or other various performances. Students must be partaking in at least one ballet class per week to be eligible to partake in these lessons. All students will work towards a performance for our Mid Year Display and End Of Year Recital.





A $40 once a year fee to help cover the costs of insurance and other expenses. No enrolment fee will be taken and students will not be permitted to commence classes without this fee being  paid on enrolment day. Payment via direct debit, cash, eftpos or cheque payable to Kahlia Mehmet.

If paying by direct debit, please provide receipt upon enrolment.


Due to new copyright laws, all students will be required to pay a copyright fee which will be added to your first invoice. There will be an additional performance Amos fee due at concert time also. This will appear on your concert invoices.


30min Tiny Tot class - $8 per class

30-45min class - $10 per class

1hr class - $12 for class

30mins RAD Ballet class - $10 per class

45mins RAD Ballet class - $12 per class


Tiny Tots: Jazz, Ballet, Tap Combo - $20 per week

Petite Unlimited: $600 per term, not including RAD Ballet or private lessons and includes one class per style only.


15min - $15 per class (1 routine)

30min - $40 per class (maximum 4 routines)

45min - $60 per class 

Private lessons are available for personal coaching, technique and performance solos. Pending availability. Any student wishing to partake in ballet solos must have a separate technical private lesson on top of their scheduled private. Students will not be able to learn and perform classical solos without this technical private being booked. Students may learn a solo in a block lesson but must have the equivalent of 5 x 30min private lessons in lead up to a performance. Solos are performed at the choreographers discretion and students must check with teachers before committing.





• Direct deposits available (preferred payment). Please email for bank details.

• Cheques made payable to "Nicole Seggie".

• Cash - $50 and under only .

• Eftpos

PAYING WEEKLY - on request only.

Fees MUST be paid per term. Term fees must be paid in full within first two weeks of term.  Term fees not paid within the first 2 weeks of term will incur 10% interest on total term fees and students will not be able to continue classes. Term fees will still be payable. If fees are still not paid you will then receive a debt collector’s letter and will be liable for any fees that are incurred. No student will be able to continue lessons the following term if fees are not paid in full. No fees will be credited for missed lessons. In the event that a lesson is cancelled by the studio, you may receive a credit which will roll over into the following term or the lesson will be made up. No refunds will be given. Payments will not be refunded if a child pulls out of the program mid-term. Once a child commences a class you are committed to payment until the end of the term. If you would like to add a class you must notify Fiona Holloway via email as well as the studio. Cheques and cash to be handed to the office in an envelope clearly marked with your child’s name, term and amount enclosed. No fees are to be given to any other staff member. It is strongly recommended that fees be paid by Direct Deposit if possible. Invoices and statements will be issued out via email through Fiona Holloway (accounts). Any queries regarding fees should be addressed towards Fiona and a copy of your email should also be forwarded to the Premiere Studios email address. Please see Policies and Procedures for the school policy on payment of fees. If you have genuine hardship and are having difficulty paying your fees, please email us.

Please note: by signing your enrolment form you agree to the above conditions of payment.

Premiere Studios accepts Active Kids and Creative Kids Vouchers. One Active Kids voucher per term. A copy of the voucher number and date of birth are to be forwarded to the studio. It is not the responsibility of the studio to ask for vouchers. The voucher will only be redeemable if presented to the studio prior to final invoice being paid. No refunds will be given in the event that a voucher has been received after final invoices have been paid.





Uniform must be strictly adhered to at all times. Students not wearing correct uniform may be required to leave class.

No student will be permitted to take class without correct uniform.

Studio T-shirts and Jackets are permitted for warm up.




• Theatrical pink stockings or no stockings with bloch ballet socks.

• Pink coloured thick strap energetiks leotard.

• Pink mock wrap energetiks skirt.

• Pink leather or canvas ballet shoes with one elastic.

• Pink crossover for winter.



• Pink leotard with black shorts or black crop top, black shirt or studio t-shirt.

• Black jazz shoes. Preferably split sole but full sole allowed. No lace jazz shoes.



• Program leotard black shorts or black crop top and shorts allowed.

• Bare feet or toe undies allowed. (Lyrical)

• Mary Jane black tap shoes. (Tap)



• Black crop top and shorts.


• Premiere Petite Tutu Dress (available at office for $25). Shoes according to style of class (as above).




• Black tights, white leotard or white singlet, white socks, black canvas ballet shoes.



• Own pants, black singlet top, black jazz shoes, preferably split sole but full sole allowed.


All students are required to be neat and tidy at all times with their hair in a bun (no wispy bits).

NO jewellery except small studs in the ear as it is a health and safety issue.

For example, long earrings risk getting caught and ripped out of ears.


Studio Shirts are available at the front office for $40.

Studio Jackets and Pants are available to order through the office but are not compulsory.

They are however, compulsory for Petite Elite and for students who compete at competitions.

Jackets - $80

Pants - $50



For use at performances and exams as stipulated by teacher.




Bobby pins, hair pins, fine hair nets (with elastic), hairspray, gel, brush/comb, hair ties, doughnut bun hair piece.




Foundation (skin colour), eyeshadow (not blue), red lipstick, blush (light brown),  black mascara, black eyeliner.



Students are required to wear big diamond stud earrings.

For those students who do not have pierced ears, clip on or glue on earrings are to be used.




Foundation (skin colour), mascara black, black eye pencil, dark blush, brown and white eyeshadow.





Students wishing to complete RAD examinations will do so at the discretion of the teacher. Workshops for exam preparation will be during the school holidays before the examination. Mock examinations will also be run for all students before their examination, usually during school holidays.

Dates of actual examinations are determined by the Royal Academy of Dance,  and Premiere Studios has no control over the dates chosen. RAD charges exam fees, which are the responsibility of the student. Other fees related to the exam include hire of character skirts, pianist fees and rehearsal/mock exam fees.



For 2021 we have implemented a staff travel fee. If a staff member is required to travel with a student or students to a competition, local or international, the student/s will be liable for travel and accomodation costs. These costs will be divided equally between all students involved. In the event that a staff member is missing a significant amount of work, a loss of wage fee may also occur.


The studio holds both an End of Year Gala Concert and a Mid Year Showcase each year. All students are expected to attend any extra rehearsals that occur in the lead up to the performances. Students should also make themselves available for Elite Mid-Year and End of Year Gala Performances.

A professional studio photo day is held in the weeks prior to the concert, usually on a weekend. All students are expected to attend the photo shoot. Students who will be unable to perform in concerts should indicate this to the Director as soon as possible after the date is announced to allow for casting.  Only ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical classes guarantee a concert performance. All other classes are training classes and do not guarantee a routine in any performance. There will be extra costs involved in purchasing/hiring costumes for performances, although costs will be kept as low as possible. Additional AMCOS and rehearsal fee will be payable for the end of year gala concerts ad mid-year showcase displays. As of 2020 we will be implementing a compulsory DVD purchase per family per concert (mid-year display and end of year gala performance). This is to ensure the videographer costs are covered and to stop the use of illegal copies being made. These costs will be added to your mid-year and end of year costume invoices.





Premiere Studios relies a great deal on parental support and fundraising for the studio and its students. For 20201we are hoping to hold regular meetings and encourage all parents to make the effort to attend. All funds raised for the studio goes directly back into the studio and students. Fundraising benefits everyone and we would like to see just as much support equally from all parents. Please do your best to be involved in your child’s studio and make it a fruitful place for everyone. During busy periods at the studio parents may be called upon for help, and although this is not a requirement, any time given is much appreciated.





The timetable is constructed according to the availability of staff and studios. Whilst every effort is made to suit as many people as possible, no timetable will suit every student. Please be aware that group classes cannot be changed to suit just one student. If you have a problem with the timetable please put your request in an email.


Students can enter eisteddfods or solo competitions at their own discretion however, ALL COMPETITIONS must be passed by the studio staff before entering. Please send a list of desired eisteddfods/competitions to the studio before making any commitments. Students doing solo eisteddfod dances will need two copies of their music on CD. One is the master copy, one is to be used only at eisteddfods. Students should take two copies of their music to all eisteddfod performances as a backup. Students are encouraged to have their music on a USB for rehearsal purposes. Students wishing to participate in eisteddfod groups can obtain a list of possible dates and performances through the office. Students may be asked to perform in these groups at the discretion of staff. Eisteddfods are normally held during school holidays.


Scholarships may be available through an application system. Please note Premiere Studios has a minimal scholarships available and funds will only be awarded if the director and staff deem it worthy. Please ask for a scholarship application form if you wish to be considered.



Petite Elite is by invitation ONLY.

To be eligible for the Elite program, students must enrol in 1x Jazz, Lyrical and Ballet recreational classes.


Please see the following Elite programs and compulsory classes.



2 days training per week

Compulsory Elite classes includes Stretch, Conditioning and Tech

2 x Ballet classes per week

1 x Jazz class per week

1 x Lyrical class per week

1 x Acrobatics class per week



3 days per week

Compulsory Elite classes includes Stretch, Conditioning and Tech

2 x Ballet classes per week

1 x Jazz class per week

1 x Lyrical class per week

1 x Acrobatics class per week



3 days per week 

Compulsory Elite classes includes Stretch, Conditioning and Tech

1 x Open Ballet classes per week

2 x RAD Ballet per week

1 x Jazz class per week

1 x Lyrical class per week

1 x Acrobatics class per week



Private lessons are not compulsory but highly encouraged for all Elite training students. Solo scholarships available by application.