At Premiere Studios we have a Policies and Procedures set in place. Please note, each program/course has their own set policy and procedures set to the structure of that particular program/course.  Below is an overall guide from the Premiere Elite Program.



All students of Premiere Studios must comply with the Policies and Procedures.




1.1 Fees are to be paid upfront each term.


1.2 All fees are to be paid in full within the first two weeks of term. If fees are not paid students will incur 10% interest on total term fees and will not be able to continue classes until the amount is paid. Any student who has not paid previous term fees in full by the commencement of a new term will not be able to attend any further classes until fees are paid.


1.3 Students requesting weekly payment must pay each week on the allocated day. If fees become two weeks in arrears students will incur 10% interest on total term fees and will not be able to continue classes until the amount is paid. Any student who has not paid previous term fees in full by the commencement of a new term will not be able to attend any further classes until fees are paid.


1.4 All remittance for direct deposit must be followed by an email for record to fiona.holloway@hotmail.com and premiere.studios1@hotmail.com

This provides a record of your fee payment.


1.5 Once students commence a term they are committed to paying full fees until the end of that term. If a student leaves the studio within the term all fees for that term including private lessons must be paid. No refunds will be given.


1.6 All lessons are to be paid for unless specified by the director.


1.7 No lessons will be made up in the case of a student absence. If the school is unable to run a class on the normal day the class will be rescheduled or an alternate class will be made available.


1.8 Private lessons may be credited or made up if written notice is given of proposed absence one day (24 hour) prior to the lesson. Please send this notice to premiere.studios1@hotmail.com or text 0419 609 975. If no notice is given the lesson will NOT be made up or credited. All private lesson credits will be put on the following terms invoice.


1.9 All fees are subject to increase at the discretion of management.

1.10 Fees may be adjusted if a student is unable to attend lessons for a substantial amount of time due to injury/illness at the discretion of management.

1.11 Free Trial classes are not available in full-time courses.

1.12 All RAD Ballet classes are to be paid at the RADF class rate. In the event that an RAD class becomes a concert or performance class, this class will be charged at the non RAD class rate. Non RAD classes are eligible under the unlimited package price.

1.13 In the event that a student needs videoing for auditions/competitions etc, a video fee and staff costs will incur depending on time utilised.



2.1 Please notify Premiere Studios if there are any changes to your contact details, including address, phone number and email. This is essential to maintain communication between the school and the family.


2.2 Student/Parent contact information is confidential. By enrolling in Premiere Studios you allow the following to have access to your information.

Kahlia Mehmet

Fiona Holloway

Kylie Hinton

Brooke McCaffery

Julie Dilley

Management – Errol Mehmet, Ian Mehmet, Cameron Mehmet and admin staff.



3.1 Students are expected to attend all classes that they have enrolled in.


3.2 Please contact admin on 0419 609 975 if your child is going to be absent.


3.3 Please give notice if your child is going on holidays or will be away for two (2) weeks or more.


3.4 Students involved in group eisteddfods and concerts are expected to attend all scheduled rehearsals and associated days.




4.1 Students and parents are expected to behave responsibly and courteously at all times.


4.2 Students and parents are expected to be respectful to teachers and other students at all times.


4.3 Students are expected to keep the dressing room clean and tidy at all times.


4.4 Quietness in dressing room during class instruction is courteous, respectful and essential.


4.5 Students are expected to be at the studio at least 15 minutes prior to their lesson in order to warm up. Teachers may refuse entry to class to any student who is late.


4.6 Students are expected to wait in the dressing room and not disturb classes in progress.


4.7 Students and parents are expected to be supportive of others, any incident involving bad sportsmanship, bullying or any other negativity of the sort will not be tolerated and students will be asked to leave the studio.


4.8 Any student asked to leave the studio will not be entitled to a refund of fees previously paid.


4.9 Students are to be aware that they are representing Premiere Studios at all times. Students should be well presented and studio jacket must be worn at all dance competition and events.

4.10 Students and parents are to be mindful of what they post on social media. Inappropriate behaviour, language, photos etc will not be tolerated and could result in students and parents being asked to leave the studio.




5.1 Dress and grooming should always reflect care in personal presentation, both at the studio and travelling to and from the studio.


5.2 Uniform to be adhered to at all times (see Uniform requirements)


5.3 Female students are required to have their hair in a neat bun for all classes, unless requested by the teacher for a specific class. Male students are to keep their hair neat.


5.4 In the interests of safety the school has a no jewellery policy. Simple stud earrings are acceptable for female students. 


5.5 Students who are not in complete and correct uniform may be asked to leave the class.




6.1 All students must attend the full schedule of rehearsals for any school performance. 


6.2 Teachers may exclude students from performances if all rehearsals are not attended.


6.3 Programming and casting of all performances are made entirely at the discretion of the Director and staff. No correspondence will be entered into about casting decisions.

6.4 If a student is removed from a class for performance work, the cost of that class will substitute the rehearsal cost.



7.1 The school offers Duty of Care to all students when the student is in the studio but cannot be responsible for the student after they have left the studio premises.


7.2 If there is no teacher at the studio the student is not the responsibility of the school.


7.3 Private possessions brought to the studio are the responsibility of the student concerned. Premiere Studios cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage incurred.


7.4 No child is to wait outside of the studio, day or night. If parents are not at the studio on time, the student is to wait inside the studio, and the parent must come inside to collect the student when they do arrive.


7.5 If a child is not collected on time teachers will stay with the child until the parent arrives. This will incur a charge of $20 for each 15 minutes over finishing time.

7.6 Students are to be aware of the Studios COVID-19 Health and Safety Plan and comply.




8.1 Please note Miss Kahlia and the Premiere Studios staff DO NOT take parent meetings. All queries, issues, concerns are to be forwarded via email to premiere.studios1@hotmail.com marked “confidential”. If the staff and Miss Kahlia feel that the issue cannot be resolved via email they may then request a meeting with the parent/student. Staff do not take meetings one on one. Two staff members will always be present at a meeting.


8.2 Parents should show respect and courtesy to staff at all times.


8.3 Parents are not permitted to linger at the studio. Premiere Studios requests a drop off/pick up system. The reception area is to make enquiries at the office, one parent at a time. Tiny Tot parents only are permitted to stay and wait for their children. ABSOLUTELY NO PARENTS ALLOWED IN THE STUDENTS DRESSING WARM UP AREA!


8.4 On days when the studio is busy, e.g. full dress rehearsals and photo day please do not enter the premises.


8.5 Male parents/siblings/friends must leave any area in which female students are changing.


8.6 Parents are NOT permitted to enter the dance studios at ANY TIME UNLESS ASKED!

8.7 Parents are to refrain from talking to staff between lessons as you may disrupt the schedule. Pease see the office if you need to talk to a staff member directly.

8.8 Parents are to be aware of the Studios COVID-19 Health and Safety Plan and comply.



9.1 The copyright of all choreography is owned by Premiere Studios. All solos, duos, groups etc remain the property of the studio and Miss Kahlia. Students/parents do not own any rights to choreography and therefore do not have permission to perform any dance outside of the studio without the Director’s permission.


9.2 Any dance taught by a guest teacher belongs to that guest teacher, unless purchased by the studio or student. No dance is to be performed without the consent of the guest teacher or the studio. 


9.3 Any student leaving the studio does not have permission to perform any dance taught or choreographed at Premiere Studios. All CD’s with music edited by Premiere Studios and its staff must be returned.




10.1 No group costume is to be used for any other purpose within the first two years of purchase.


10.2 No student is to wear a group costume for a solo without consent of director.


10.3 Premiere Studios has the right to purchase back any group costume within the first two years of purchase. In the case that the costume required is not available for purchase then a fine of the total initial cost of that costume will be incurred.


10.4 Premiere Studios requests that any student wishing to sell a group costume offer the costume to the studio before selling privately.


10.5 All hired costumes are to be returned to the studio after each performance.


10.6 Studio costumes are not to be used for any outside activities including photo shoots without permission from the studio.


10.7 Hire fees range from $10 - $30 per wear. Once a costume has reached $100 worth of hire fees for that year no other fees will be incurred.


10.8 All hired costumes are to be returned to the studio within 1 week after each performance use. Students will be charged a $10 late fee for every week costumes are outstanding.


10.9 If a student is unavailable for a group performance and they own the group costume, the group costume remains property of the studio and must be made available for other students to wear to fill the absent students spot. No payment will be given due to the student being unavailable.


10.10 If a student is taken out of a routine by choice of the studio, a hire fee will be given to the costume owner for use of their costume.

10.11 Costumes will be purchased back on a depreciation system.

10.12 End of year concert costume deposits will be payable with each term fees. These are not refundable and will come off the total cost of the end of year concert costume invoices. In the event that a student does not perform in the concert, the costume deposit may come off that students term 4 fees.

10.13 Parents should anticipate costume invoices prior to performances. Invoices may be issued at late notice and it is up to the parents to be aware of how many routines their child is in and budget accordingly.

10.14 In the event that a student cannot perform in a group performance and a costume has been made for that student, that student is liable for the full price of that costume. If another student is required to wear the group costume than a hire fee may be charged to that student.

10.15 All costume invoices must be paid prior to each performance. Students will be refused participation in performances if invoices are not paid in full. All hired and purchased costumes must be made available for use at no extra charge. Students will be unable to perform in the end of year gala performances if costume invoices and studio fees are not paid in full.

10.16 A 10% late fee will incur on total costume amount if costume invoices are not paid by the due date.

10.17 Group costumes are to be kept in good condition. Any damage to costumes will incur a fee. In an event that the costume is unusable and needs to be replaced, students will be liable to pay the full original purchase cost of the costume.




11.1 Students will take RAD exams at the discretion of the teaching staff. Students will not be sent for an examination unless they are at the required standard of the teaching staff.


11.2 Students committing to examinations are responsible for any costs incurred by Premiere Studios or the Royal Academy Of Dance.


12.1 Participating in dance classes outside of Premiere Studios is not permitted without the permission of the Director. This includes workshops and performances of sorts.

12.2 Any child attending dance classes outside of Premiere Studios without the Director's permission will be asked to leave the school.

12.3 As a courtesy please inform the Director and the child's teacher of any dance performances your child will be participating in.


13.1 Scholarships may be available on application.

13.2 Scholarships are awarded at the discretion of the Director and staff and are to be kept completely confidential.

13.3 No correspondence will be entered into regarding the awarding of scholarships.

13.4 Scholarships will be forfeited if recipient leaves the studio.

13.5 Scholarships will be forfeited if recipient attends outside lessons without the consent of a studio teacher.

13.6 Teachers have the right to trip scholarships from students if their work ethic. attitude or attendance slip below expectations of a scholarship winner.