The Transitional Classical Ballet Program was developed in 2015 and is an offspring of our Full-time Classical Ballet Course. We have found over the years a need for more intense intimate training for young classical dancers who are working at an elite level and training for national and international competitions. As full-time dance is not always desirable or an option for younger students, or students wish to invest more time in academics, we have found that minimising the time required away from school and maximising the training time has had huge benefits and is much more manageable for the students. 


We have aimed this program at young ballet dancers and classical ballet students that are looking to transition into a full-time classical ballet course. The program is available to students in academic year 6 or above and is also open to students outside of Premiere Studios. As we allow students to continue with their current dance school whilst attending this program, we ask that communication is made to your current director and permission is given. Acceptance is by invite or request, please contact the studio to make an enquiry. This program is currently taking place on a Wednesday however, students have the option to train up to 3 days a week if desired. Classes take place from 9am - 3pm and are run by our local staff as well as Sydney based teachers. 


Students work alongside our full-time classical ballet students and train in Classical Ballet, Pointe, Pas De Deux, Variations, Stretch and Contemporary. 


Students are currently working towards competitions such as The Alana Haines Awards, The Australasian Ballet Challenge, Youth American Grand Prix, Isobel Anderson Awards, Australian Ballet Awards, Asian Grand Prix amongst other events. 



The course operates every Wednesday on a four term structure.


Term  1

Monday 31st Janaury - Saturday 9th April (10 weeks)

Term 2

Tuesday 26th April - Saturday 2nd July (10 weeks)

Term 3

Monday 18th July - Saturday 24th September (10 weeks)

Term 4

Monday 10th October - Saturday 17th December (10 weeks) pending Concert dates







$50  Per  Day

Our Transitional Classical Ballet Program currently runs on Wednesdays  from  9:00am - 3:00pm.

Fees are based on one day a week attendance. If students attend more than one day per week, additional fees will apply.



30 minute private - $40 (4 routines or less)

45 minute private - $60

1 hour private - $80

Private lessons are available for personal coaching, technique and performance solos. Pending availability. If students require performance routines, a maximum of 4 routines per half an hour is allowed. Separate lessons must be booked for classical and other styles.

Students may learn a solo in a block lesson but must have equivalent of 5 x 30 minute private lessons in the lead up to a performance. Solos are performed at the choreographers discretion and students must check with teachers before committing to a performance.



A $40 once a year fee is payable to cover the costs of insurance. No enrolment will be taken without this fee being paid on enrolment. Payment via direct debit, cash or cheque payable to Nicole Seggie. If paying by direct debit, please provide receipt upon enrolment. Due to copyright laws, all students will be required to pay a copyright fee which will be added to your first invoice as well as a concert copyright fee which will be due with your end of year performance invoices. 




• Direct Deposits available (Preferred  payment). See office for bank details.

• Cheques made payable to “Nicole Seggie”.

• Cash - $500 and under ONLY!

• Eftpos

PAYING  WEEKLY (on request only)

Fees MUST be paid per term. Term fees must be paid in full within first two weeks of term. Term fees not paid within the first two weeks of term will incur 10% interest on total term fees and students will not be able to continue classes. Term fees will still be payable. If fees are still not paid you will then receive a debt collector’s letter and will be liable for any fees that are incurred. No student will be able to continue lessons the following term if fees are not paid in full. No fees will be credited for missed lessons. In the event that a lesson is cancelled by the studio, you may receive a credit which will roll over into the following term or the lesson will be made up. No refunds will be given. Once you enrol in a class you are committed to payment until the end of that term. Payments will not be refunded if a child pulls out of a class. If you would like to add a class you must email Fiona Holloway and contact the studio. Cheques and cash to be handed to the office in an envelope clearly marked with your child’s name, term and amount enclosed. No fees are to be given to any other staff member. It is strongly recommended that fees be paid by Direct Deposit if possible. Invoices and statements will be issued out via email through Fiona Holloway (accounts). Any queries regarding fees should be addressed towards Fiona and a copy of your email should also be forwarded to the Premiere Studios email address. Please see Policies and Procedures for the school policy on payment of fees. If you have genuine hardship and are having difficulty paying your fees, please email us. Please note by signing your enrolment form you agree to Premiere Studios Policies and Procedures.

Premiere Studios accepts Creative Kids and Active Kids Vouchers. One Active Kids voucher per term. A copy of the Active Kids voucher number and date of birth are to be forwarded to the studio. It is not the responsibility of the studio to ask for vouchers. The voucher will only be redeemable if presented to the studio prior to final invoice being paid. No refunds will be given in the event that a voucher has been received after final invoices have been paid.


Students are required to be in correct ballet attire in a neat and presentable fashion. Please make sure you have the following items on this list.



• Theatrical pink ballet stockings • Black leotard of choice • Demi pointes with ribbons • Split sole canvas ballet shoes with elastics • Black half tutu

• Chiffon skirt optional • Pointe shoes - own choice • Black footless stockings (contemporary class)



• White leotard or black singlet and black tights or black unitard • Black or white canvas ballet shoes



All students are required to be neat and tidy all the time with their hair in a bun with no wispy bits. NO jewellery except small studs in the ear as it is a health and safety issue. For example, long earrings risk getting caught and ripped out of ears.


Studio tracksuit is available for purchase at the office.

Jackets - $95, Pants - $65, Studio t-shirts - $40



Students who attend the Transitional Classical Ballet Program may have the option to perform in the studios end of year performances and mid-year displays. Students will be advised as performance opportunities arise and can consider if they would like to be involved.


If a staff member is required to travel with a student or students to a competition, local or international, the student/s will be liable for travel and accomodation costs. These costs will be divided equally between all students involved. In the event that a staff member is missing a significant amount of work, a loss of wage fee may also occur.